Our Story

Hi, we're Geoff and Kenneth, the co-founders of Getwell Goods. Our story is one of a cancer survivor, his best friend and a mission to help bring comfort to patients in the hospital.

As you might expect, our story begins in a hospital. It was 2018 and Geoff was a patient recovering from another round of cancer treatments. This was his second battle with cancer and the latest of many lengthy hospital stays. So by now, Geoff knew exactly what he needed to make his stays easier and more comfortable.

During one fateful visit near the end of his treatments, we got talking about his experiences, what’s helped most during his stays, and an idea that would lead to the creation of Getwell Goods and the Hospital Kit.

We thought about how we could ​help​ patients be warmer, sleep better, feel stronger—and be a little more in control in a place where they don’t always feel they are.

We started by designing a pair of slippers that cover all of a patient's unique needs, not just their feet. From Geoff's experiences, we knew that they needed to be both toasty warm and extremely lightweight. They also needed to be very easy to get on and off—and comfortable in and out of bed. Why? Becuase surgery and illness means patients have much more to deal with than just cold hospital floors.

Similarly, we know that having a warm, never-been-used blanket while in hospital is priceless. But we wanted our blanket to offer more than just extra warmth. So, we started with a soft, high-quality fleece, then made it more useful for patients by designing snaps to wear it securely while walking—and a zippered pocket to safely carry a phone and other items.

We've applied the same thoughtful care and attention to detail into every item in our Kit. And now, after several prototypes and what we can sincerely say has been a labour of love, the Getwell Goods Hospital Kit, Sleep Kit and Slippers are ​ready.​ ​

Whether for your loved one​ or yourself, Getwell Goods are here​ to​ help ​make hospital stays immeasurably better.