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The Hospital Kit

The Hospital Kit

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The Hospital Kit is our original care package of helpful items. Each piece has been selected and custom-designed based on our founder's experiences as a patient during his successful battles with cancer. Together, they help make hospital stays easier and more comfortable for anyone in the hospital or undergoing treatments.
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        Kit Components

        • multi-functional fleece blanket
        • slippers with comfort-grip sole
        • stainless-steel 500ml bottle with re-usable straw
        • mulberry silk sleep mask
        • 8-pair earplugs with carry case
        • ring notebook & pen
        • washable laundry bag
        • duffel bag with shoe pocket
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        • One-of-a-Kind Warmth

          Our unique blanket, made with lightweight, thermal, and breathable fleece has easy snaps so it can be worn securely out of bed. Plus, it has a zippered pocket that keeps essential items securely at hand.

        • Wear-Everywhere Slippers

          An average slipper can weigh up to 5 lbs, which can make a journey of a couple of steps feel like a marathon. The feather-light fabric and flexible structure allow this slipper to travel seamlessly from hospital to home.

        • Sleep Essentials

          Darkness can be elusive in hospitals, and silence even more so. This mask and ear plug combo are designed to provide a sensory respite from the hospital environment, facilitating better sleep and relaxation.

        • Spillproof Water Bottle

          Staying hydrated is essential, especially with limited mobility or strength. This water bottle with two types of lids caters to different needs, ensuring hydration is always within reach and manageable, regardless of the situation.

        • Forget-U-Not Notebook & Pen

          It may seem not seem that important, but a notebook and pen are essential for remembering the vital info doctors and nurses share. They're also great for leaving notes when out of bed, and doodling in to pass the time.

        • Handy Helpers

          Because there's no where to store your belongings while in the hospital, and nothing to carrying them home in, there's our roomy duffel bag. Plus a laundry bag to separate dirty items and make it easy for a loved one to take them home to be washed.

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