Why Getwell Goods?

Support in uncertain times.

Everyone wants to be there for their loved one in the hospital, but few, including the loved one, know what items will best help them during their stay. We do.

Hospitals are far from home.

Hospitals are busy (often cold) environments void of home comforts and where patients have little control. Getwell Goods is here to help your loved one be more comfortable and in control.

Created by a patient, for patients.

Getwell Goods was born out of our co-founder and three-time cancer survivor's lived personal experiences in the hospital. Every item has been thoughtfully custom-designed to help make hospital stays better for all patients.

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What makes Getwell Goods and our Hospital Kit Unique?

A cozy, one-of-a-kind fleece blanket.

Because no other blanket can provide both the warmth and the functionality patients need.

Our soft, lightweight fleece blanket feels like a comforting hug. Its unique snaps allow it to be securely worn, to keep patients warm while walking, and their hands free. And since gowns don't have pockets, we added one to our blanket to safely carry a phone and other essential items.

Comfy slippers that cover all the bases.

Because there's more than cold floors to deal when sick and in recovery.

We designed Getwell Goods slippers to be both lightweight and toasty warm. We made sure they're simple to put on and take off, with an easy-cinch cord to keep them snug. And our soft-grip sole adds stability without sacrificing comfort in bed.

Sleep aids to rest easier.

Because hospitals are busy places, and the rooms are often shared and bright.

It's no secret that getting plenty of rest is key to getting well. Which is why our Kit includes a comfortable silk sleep mask and soft foam earplugs—to help patients get the rest they need.

An easy-drink insulated bottle.

Because patients need more than a paper hospital cup can offer.

Staying hydrated is essential, but challenging when it's difficult to sit up or get out of bed. That's why our Getwell bottle has an extra spill-proof sipping lid, detachable straws and a specially coated exterior for better grip. Plus, it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours.

A trio to keep it all together.

Because it's hard to keep track of things while in the hospital.

The notebook and pen are essential for remembering the important info doctors and nurses share. They're also great for leaving notes when out of bed—and doodling in to pass the time.

The Getwell laundry bag not only keeps dirty items separate, it also makes it easy for a loved one to take them away to be cleaned.

Last but not least, the Getwell duffel bag keeps personal items together while in the hospital—and is even better for packing up to go home.

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Getwell Goods can also be found in these hospital gift shops.

  • Send Getwell Goods right to your loved ones room in Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital by visiting sinaishop.ca , or their gift shop on the 17th floor.

  • If your loved one is in Toronto General or Princess Margaret Hospital, stop by their gift shop and pick them up a comforting Getwell Goods gift.